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What to look for in an assisted living facility.

Updated: Mar 1

In this topic we have highlighted a few things you should look for in an assisted living facility.


One important aspect of looking for a facility is if the facility is clean and neat. Its important for the well-being of your loved ones that the place is well maintained and goes above and beyond your standards.

Needs are met

Before you choose an assisted living inquire about how they meet the needs of your loved ones. For example: that they have certain activities your loved ones would need to be happy.


Make sure that the facility is incorporating some type of activities such as games, outdoor events and other extra activities to keep your loved ones entertained.

Home cooked meals

An important topic to explore is how are they prepping meals. Look into where they get the food and how it's prepped. This also shows a level of care in the treatment of your loved ones.

Care level / interact and connect with your loved ones

A big thing we always stress is how does a facility build relationships with your loved ones and you. Knowing the individual at a personal level ensures a higher level of support and care.

We hope this provided a brief introduction what you should look for when searching for an assisted living facility.

If you have any other questions we are always happy to help! Give us a call at: 586.212.7126 or clicking 'Contact Us' on the home page.

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