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Top 10 Questions to ask when searching for an assisted living facility

Updated: Mar 1

No doubt there is a lot on your mind in regards to finding an assisted living facility that works for your family. In this topic we've outlined a few questions that are important to ask facilities and will help you understand how they work. The more you educate yourself the easier it will be to make a decision.

We've listed a few questions to ask when seeking an assisted living facility for your loved one.

  1. How often can we visit?

  2. Are pets allowed in the facility for my loved ones?

  3. Can we bring our own furniture / belongings?

  4. How can we view billing information and payment options?

  5. Does your facility offer tours before making a decision?

  6. Would you be able to provide a list of meal plans?

  7. What sort of activities do you provide?

  8. What are your procedures on not being able to pay for services?

  9. What is the capacity and current occupancy count. (Ask how many patients they have and what is their capacity - by this you get a good base of how good the individual care is)

  10. Do you have visiting doctors / nurses / other personal for care?

When you get an answer to the questions above, you can gain a better understanding of the facility and overall picture of how they will take care of your loved one.

We hope this helped in making a decision to select an assisted living facility that works for your family.

If you have any other questions we are always happy to help! Give us a call at: 586.212.7126 or clicking contact us on the home page.

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