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Difference between large and small assisted living facility?

Updated: Mar 1

The search for an assisted living home for your loved one is not an easy mission. There are many things to consider and it can be a daunting task.

We would like to briefly highlight the main differences between larger assisted living facilities and small home living facilities and hopefully give you peace of mind when having to choose.

What are a few of the differences?

  • Quality of care

  • Residents become part of the family

  • More one-on-one

  • Get to know them on a personal level

  • Go beyond their needs to provide for them

Know that all assisted living facilities have a different approach to care and support. We have outlined the top 10 questions to ask when searching for an assisted living facility to better educate yourself when selecting an assisted living facility. Be confident that assisted living facilities are established with great intentions - its the level of care that sets them apart.

If you have any other questions we are always happy to help! Give us a call at: 586.212.7126 or clicking 'Contact Us' on the home page.

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